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Whether your interests lie in creating sustainable architecture, BIM services, client advisory role, expanding digital and analytical capabilities, or supporting the firm’s operations, we have a place for you. With Aligned Studios, you can work your left and right brain by pursuing your passion outside of work too- playing a sport, completing that painting, travelling for fun, writing your novel or volunteering. A career at Aligned Studios makes it possible and practical to have a strong work life balance.


It's all about Balance

Five Day Work Week

Accrued Paid Time Off

Parental Benefits

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Referral Program

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Every individual at Aligned Studios plays an important role in our collective success and we make sure you are supported in all endeavours!



Vedshree completed her Masters in Architecture in the US, but had to move back home when the pandemic hit. She started her career with us and got the opportunity to put her education into practise. She recently completed the LEED GREEN certification while shining as a Team Lead.


When Jazib's wife delivered a baby girl, he took his parental leave to get to know his child and fulfil his duties as a husband and first-time parent. He got back to work with a renewed drive to make his daughter proud.


Shilpi took a break when she got married and moved to a completely new city. We helped her transition to a new team once she resumed. She continues being a kick-ass team lead and a happy newly-wed.


We want you to succeed

Open & Supportive Work Environment

Open & Supportive Work Environment

Our work culture is the perfect balance of friendly yet professional. We take pride in investing in our team’s mental, physical, and financial well-being. We believe that a culture of care leads to a positive, fun, collaborative, passionate, and creative environment.

Recognition Rich

Recognition Rich Culture

With a horizontal organization structure that thrives on constructive feedback, we appreciate and reward the efforts and progress of every team member. We offer support, promote trust, and ensure meaningful relationships.

Inclusive Diverse

Inclusive Diverse Talent

We are committed to supporting a diverse workforce and building our teams inclusively, for better work and communities. Our project teams bring together individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and strengths who contribute to all aspects of the design process.

Strong Local & Global Network

Strong Local & Global Network

Through our AEC network, we provide opportunities to our team to attend conferences, conduct research, and pursue skill development courses alongside work. They are encouraged to build their soft and hard skills and to grow as a professional.

Employee Feedback

Based on our latest study done across the organization, we have collected data that represents our values


I trust the leaders to lead
the firm to future success

I have a good work-life balance


I feel like I belong at Aligned

Guided by values

Equal Opportunity Statement

Aligned Studios is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals and in which personnel processes are merit-based and applied without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, military service status, citizenship, or other protected characteristic. We are honored to continue serving our clients through all market situations, proud to honor all outstanding offers, and excited to continue recruiting new talent and helping them succeed.


At Aligned Studios, we value your knowledge and experience. By joining us, you get an opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, be a part of a fast-growing firm, and grow in your career.
Join us today to:
1.Work with international clients from various industries
2.Experience end-to-end (Concept to Execution) involvement in projects
3.Achieve work-life balance (Permanent Work from home)

We look for good cultural and technical fits aspiring for a fulfilling career in a long-term association.
Potential candidates should be willing to:
1.Take ownership of tasks
2.Have a community mindset
3.Have a growth mindset: open and willing to upskill

At Aligned Studios, we have a horizontal setup that discourages hierarchy and encourages independent thinking and initiative. We believe in giving freedom to own tasks. We have an inbuilt systematic process of feedback collection which aids in individual and corporate growth. 

We offer multiple training modules. We also sponsor upskilling/certification programs directed at career growth.  

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